1-Choosing organic products means taking a more sensible, more sustainable approach to consumption.

You’re guaranteed that the ingredients come from sustainable resources and that the products were made using gentle, more environmentally friendly production methods. .

2-All the Charlotte Baby Bio and Charlotte Family products carry the independent Ecocert and Cosmebio labels.


Ecocert was the very first certification body to draw up standards for “natural and organic cosmetics.” It was founded in 1991 by agricultural engineers who were aware of the need to develop an agriculture that respects both mankind and the environment. Since then, it has become the leading organic certification organization in France.
To find out more, visit: www.ecocert.fr


– Cosmebio is France’s leading professional organization for organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics. The Cosmebio charter sets out very strict, stringent guidelines that govern the development of products derived from organic farming and green chemistry. This charter has been registered with the French Ministry of Industry. Any brands that wish to use the Cosmebio label on their products must comply with its standards.
To find out more, visit: www.cosmebio.org

These labels provide a guarantee of traceability and transparency.

3-OK, so it’s better for the environment, but what about my baby’s skin?

When you choose a product that’s organic, you can also be assured that it contains no GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicones, PEGs, synthetic colors or fragrances, animal-derived ingredients (except those naturally produced by animals, such as milk, honey, etc.) or endocrine disruptors. This means that organic products are safer for your baby’s skin – and that of anyone else in your family!

Organic personal care products also have a better affinity with the natural constituents of the epidermis and are better absorbed. This makes perfect sense when you consider the biological relationship that exists between the skin and plants.

Charlotte Baby Bio and Charlotte Family products contain at least 98% plant-derived ingredients and at least 10% ingredients from organic farming. Why just 10%? Because a product usually contains 40 to 80% water and, by definition, water cannot be certified organic. The organic percentage is based on the combined weight of the dry organic ingredients.

To help you understand…

Choosing organic means choosing the best for the skin of your baby and of your family – but also choosing the best for the planet.